We run early and late phase clinical trials using experimental medicines

Who We Are

The North Wales Clinical Research Facility specialises in the delivery of early phase trials using experimental medicines. Located in Wrexham in North East Wales, we serve the population of North, West and Mid Wales, and the England-Wales border areas. We have a proven track record of delivering clinical trials in a safe and controlled clinical environment.

Volunteer to take part in a clinical trial

In 2021, over 650 people took part in our clinical trials for research, some travelling up to 100 miles to take part. Many also received financial compensation for their time and inconvenience. Click here for more information

Commercial Activity

We work with a variety of commercial partners and have successfully over-recruited to multiple phase II and III studies in 2021. Our team of specialist staff have set up large studies in as little as a week’s notice. Please contact us for more information

Academic Studies

We support academic studies from bench to bedside. With stakeholders including the North Wales Medical School and NWorth CTU, we are looking to help drive translational medicine. Find our more about academic and translational medicine

Clinical trials in a safe and regulated environment

The North Wales Clinical Research Facility was established in October 2021 by Dr Orod Osanlou and Dr Lynne Grundy. Dr Osanlou as CRF Director leads a team of specialist staff who have experience in running a wide variety of clinical trials using experimental medicines, with some staff members also experienced in Phase I First In Human studies. 

Participant Feedback

"I felt so safe"
"All the scientists and all the people that I have come across during the trial have been so amazing"
"I know if I had a problem at any time, I could pick up the phone and call them"


Our investigators are trained to advanced life support level and our research nurses are trained to at least intermediate life support level.

We have a fully operational resuscitation trolley and are situated close to an Intensive Therapy Unit who would provide support if necessary.


The North Wales CRF adheres to the highest safety standards as set by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

We have a 24 hour emergency contact number staffed by study physicians that participants or commercial partners could contact in an emergency.

We have specialist advice on contact precautions, hand washing, social distancing and aseptics to provide a safe environment for participants.

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Confidentiality You Can Trust

The North Wales Clinical Research Facility takes the confidentiality of participants and commercial partners very seriously. We have a track record of successful delivery of early and late phase commercial trials using experimental medicines. 

We are able to run a variety of studies with expertise in Covid-19, non Covid-19 and vaccine trials. 

Please get in touch at BCU.CRFCommercial@wales.nhs.uk to find out more information or to arrange a meeting with our Clinical Trials manager or CRF Director.